Pinv Nears a 0.0.1 Release...

What’s New?

TUI Mode gets fleshed out

Now fully modal like vim, you can modify your local database easily with many simple and easy-to-use keybinds.

The current list includes

To-be added includes

TUI mode is to be the primary mode of pinv and aims to be a quick and easy method to accessing and modifying your pinv database.

CLI Mode is currently under construction

CLI mode takes a backseat to TUI mode due to needing a redesign, and may not be included in the 0.0.1 release. It is essentially functionally the same as TUI mode, minus the TUI. CLI mode needs further drafting to aid user friendliness.

When Will 0.0.1 Come Out?

There are a few things that need to be done first before 0.0.1 comes out. All the TUI modes must be added and tested, usage tutorials/documentation will need to be completed, and benchmarks will need to be prepped to record any performance boosts between versions. 0.0.1 needs to set the groundwork so that subsequent releases are relatively smooth and pain-free.

TL;DR probably by next Sunday provided I don’t need to work mandatory overtime.

Why Not 0.1.0 or 1.0.0?

Verson 0.0.1 is designated as such since it is entirely possible that 0.0.2 could break databases, templates, etc. made for 0.0.1, though unlikely. However, to denote that pinv is infact in alpha-phase, until the software is robust enough 0.0.x will be the versioning scheme used.

0.0.1 is the Start of Major Progress!

Once 0.0.1 is live, I can completely catalog all of the small parts an pieces at Open Ape Shop (my house), allowing for more rapid development of hardware projects such as Ms. Baker. Stay tuned for more rapid development at Open Ape Shop!