Welcome to OpenApeShop.org!

OpenApeShop.org is finally online!

The site is still under construction, as can be seen but the basic layout is more or less done and work can be started on documenting all the OAS projects and such. I intend this website to be an easy to navigate static site for hosting all sorts of OAS related content, from official documentation to blog updates as well as much more!

The OpenApeShop.org development roadmap is as follows:

All this should be done in ideally less than a week, work schedule permitting, and I hope to add more people to the OAS team as well. I also wish to flesh out the team goals aswell, and perhaps start a few more projects I have in mind, and integrate projects others may have aswell.

Current organization value ideas include…

Fields Of Intrest

Primarily, I wish for Open Ape Shop to focus primarily on aerospace/model aerospace, and the tools that help get us there. This can range from basic desktop utilites to fully programable backyard rockets. Primarily first I wish to start with small foundational stuff, like inventory management systems and basic flight telemetry computers, then go to more advanced rockets with pyro/stage control and perhaps programmable trajectories. I’d say my current longterm goal would be a 10km apogee rocket, just as a longterm goal and then once that landmark is reached we’ll go from there.

I do wish to sell some of the useful hardware since I feel it would be useful for other rocketeers and hobbiests to use the same technology we have, but I don’t really wish to profit off of it because, if I’m honest, I don’t gain much from such profit since model rocketry isn’t necissarily the most profitable market. And no need. I work on these projects because I enjoy to, and I want others to benifit from my work I put out.

However, of course, I do not make soely aerospace/model aerospace programs and hardware, and I feel no shame in including them under the Open Ape Shop name.

Where to contact/contribute/join?

Currently I am completely open to contributions/new members, and if you would like to contribute to current projects or integrate your current project under the OAS banner then contact me at my site email: