ApeCrunch is a cross-platform TUI calculator written in rust, designed to be an alternative to the popular SpeedCrunch project. Written in Rust using cross-platform libraries, ApeCrunch aims to be an incredibly feature rich calculator app meant for any grade of work.

Feature Set

Fully Fractional Numbers

ApeCrunch utilizes fractional numbers, which unlike floating point numbers produce no rounding errors. You can be assured that all your computations are 100% accurate

Complete Configuration

Anything that you want to configure can be configured via the .toml configuration files.

Cross-Session History Saving

ApeCrunch saves each session in it’s own compressed history file so that multiple open instances of ApeCrunch can be saved to disk.

Development Status

Currently on version 0.0.2, ApeCrunch still has a bit of development to go. It lacks many functions that speedcrunch has, and the development roadmap is as follows:


Version 0.0.3 (in development)

Version 0.0.2

Version 0.0.1